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LOYL Beauty Follicle Stimulating Elixir 4oz

LOYL Beauty Follicle Stimulating Elixir 4oz

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New Look! New and Improved Formula.

This blend of fresh Sweet Unique pink roses, essential oils, and aloe Vera juice is 100% organic and chemical free. Used to hydrate and promote moisture retention, smooths, softens and conditions the hair. LOYL Beauty Rose Water Mist is the perfect remedy helping to reduce inflammation in the scalp, and prevent dryness. Product can be used on scalp, hair strand/end and face.


🌹 calming fragrance

🌹 locks in moisture

🌹hydrates the scalp

🌹doubles as a facial toner

🌹reduces frizz and adds shine to your hair/locs

🌹 reduces oiliness, and dandruff

🌹 perfect for those with scalp conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

Restocking 7/1/2024
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